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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

18 weeks, 1 day

The past few days have been rough. As I type this I'm getting the tiniest little jabs in my belly from baby but it's very infrequent that I can feel movement yet. I've used my at home doppler the past three days in a row out of anxiety and fear. Last night I mentioned to Tim I hadn't felt baby move in awhile but he quickly tried to put my mind at ease, reminding me it's still very early (and most women don't start feeling movement until now-20wks). I just wanted one little kick for reassurance but baby wouldn't budge. I gently tapped my belly several times throughout the day, but nothing.

I went to bed but as I seem to be doing on a regular basis now, I woke up around 3:00 am. My mind was restless and the first thing I thought about was baby. Eventually I got up, grabbed the doppler and headed into another room so I wouldn't disturb Tim. It took longer than usual but I detected the heart beat. I was able to fall asleep shortly after that.

I'm very close to the half-way mark. Since I plan on being induced by 38 weeks I'm getting closer every day. I don't wish snow upon us but I sure can't wait for end of January to get here!!!

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