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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scary Appointment!

I went in for my routine appointment this afternoon, this time just for a heart beat check & the usual weight, blood pressure, urine sample. I talked to the Dr. about feeling the first kicks yesterday and he said not to worry if I don't feel it often this early on. (Although he said he knows for me that's easier said than done)

I asked about seeing a perinatologist and after some discussion we agreed to revisit the conversation at the 20 week ultrasound. Ultimately, it's up to me and he will refer me if needed or wanted.

I told him I purchased a Doppler and he said it was safe to use but to limit to once per day. I told him I don't plan on using it unless I feel the need, so more like every few days. He agreed that if it calms my anxiety then for me, it makes sense to have one.

Then came the heart beat check. First he checked my left side, then the middle, then the right. After a few minutes of checking he kept picking up my heart beat. He checked my pulse on my wrist several times to ensure it was my heart rate he was detecting. By now, my blood pressure must have been through the roof. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I told him I was freaking out. I could sense some frustration on his face as well, especially since he knows my history. After much effort he said "we're going to get you an ultrasound, so you have peace of mind".

The ultrasound rooms were already occupied with other patients so I had to wait. Alone. Tim had to work late tonight and since it was just a routine appointment he didn't (and couldn't) come along. Panic began to set in as I started reliving that awful appointment when the heart beat couldn't be detected on Sofia. I had to wait what seemed like forever. Just enough time for me to start planning for the worst. My heart was racing, entire body was sweating and I was on the verge of a complete meltdown. I started wondering how I would have to deliver this baby. Would I deliver like I did at 40 weeks? Would they do a c-section? I hoped I wouldn't have a D&C.

When the Dr. & ultrasound tech came to get me I just moped back to the room. I quickly got in place for the tech to start. Immediately she said, "Baby is just bouncing all over the place!". Then she turned on the sound of the heart beating. A healthy 148 BPM. I just stared at the screen.

Apparently baby was just being very active and avoiding detection with the Doppler.

I'm pretty sure I saw a few more gray hairs in the mirror tonight. If I have even the slightest bit of sanity left after this pregnancy it'll be surprising.

Is it end of January yet!!!!!!??????

Well, at least I did get another pic of the little rascal. This is in 4D realtime. You can see the umbilical cord coming out of baby's belly and out in front. Next appointment is the anatomy scan at 20 weeks!
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  1. "Baby is just bouncing all over the place!"

    Chills and tears...wow.

    I can't imagine...I literally cannot imagine the stress of siting there waiting to hear.

    Great picture of your little one.

    What doppler brand did you buy? I am looking into is and was burned with Xavier's pregnancy with a "fetal listener" which let me hear absolutely nothing.

  2. I bought mine online at Sonoline. It was about $57.00 and worth it! I have researched & read many other BLM's who bought theirs from the same company with good results. :)