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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Kicks ~ 16 weeks, 1 day

I was at work today at my desk when I felt baby kick! It was more on the left side, where I detected the heart beat last night with my Doppler. There were a few distinct kicks (which felt more like minor bumps) then it stopped. No question in my mind that it was the baby. I'm so glad this is starting so soon. With my first pregnancy I felt the first movement at 17 weeks. Hoping the kicks/bumps become more frequent now. I emailed Tim right away to let him know I felt him/her move. He said it must be a late birthday present since my birthday was yesterday.

I go in for my 16 week appointment tomorrow but it's only for a heart beat check. My next appointment with an ultrasound is in 4 weeks, when I'll be 20 weeks along. We do intend on finding out the baby's gender then.

My routine dentist appointment for a teeth cleaning was today. When I first walked back with my hygienist she said she was going to do some x-rays but asked if I had any health changes since my last appointment. I told her I was pregnant and she said we'd skip the x-ray so it doesn't harm baby. (Which is what I was about to tell her I wanted to do!) So of course that led to the question I was fully expecting (and nervously dreading) to hear, "Is this your first or do you have other kids?". Ugh. Surprisingly I was able to tell her a summarized version of our loss without getting too emotional. She was almost in tears and was very nice about it. She then said she was pregnant & due any day and couldn't imagine what we went through. I told her that even I struggle to comprehend what we are still going through. It's too much to wrap your mind around.  We talked about that for awhile (well, she did most of the talking then I'd answer when my mouth wasn't crammed with dental tools) then about our pregnancies.  She also mentioned my dentist was also pregnant.  I later thought to myself: Thank God I'm pregnant too or it'd be really tough to have both of them pregnant, rubbing it in my face.

I'm glad I was able to talk openly about Sofia and this pregnancy too.  It is my life now, so I might as well get used to it!

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