Our Rainbow

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Go time!

Posting on my phone from the hospital so this will be short...

Had the amnio today (hurt!) and found out around 1:30 pm that her lungs are mature!! Yay!!

Was admitted to the hospital at 6pm & Cervidil has been put in. (that was awful!!!!) I almost passed out from the discomfort.

I was only 1cm, 30% effaced & -2 station. Hopefully the Cervidil will do the trick for a smooth induction (pitocin) in the morning.

Contractions are much more frequent now 2-4 min apart & starting to feel uncomfortable though not painful yet. Baby girl still active as can be and doing well.

Will update tomorrow!


  1. Good luck!!! Praying that everything goes great for you and your new bundle of joy!!!

  2. You have my prayers always, but especially today. I can't wait to see your addition to the family. <3

  3. Waiting for news. Can't wait to celebrate with you. I've been checking every few days to see if there was an update.