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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amnio ~ 1.19.2012

I decided to write Rose's birth story in phases or I might never get it all written & posted! :)

We are doing well and I can't believe Rose is already 11 days old! She's a cutie and the adjustment to having a newborn in the house has been easier than I thought it would be. I'll start with the amnio on Jan. 19th and work my way to present time.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 - Amnio
We went in to my OBGYN’s office on Thursday, January 19th at 10:00 am to have an amniocentesis performed to check baby’s lungs for maturity.  The procedure involves a long needle that was inserted into my belly to remove amniotic fluid for testing. The fluid contains fetal cells and various chemicals produced by the baby.  Based on the fluid, they determine baby’s lung maturity.
The ultrasound tech started out by looking at baby and attempting to find a good pocket of amniotic fluid to withdraw from.  She struggled because it appeared all or the majority of the fluid was low, surrounding baby’s head.  This was not good from an amnio perspective because they will not put a needle in near baby’s head. She left the room to go discuss with my Dr. and meanwhile I sat up because it was so uncomfortable for me to be on my back.  While we waited, Tim & I discussed our worry that they wouldn’t be able to perform the procedure and that the induction would be delayed. Baby girl was moving all over and I think it was at least 10 minutes before the tech returned with my Doctor. 
They took another look at the ultrasound and baby had moved just enough to give them a pocket of fluid up high, near my rib cage, next to baby’s butt. They wanted to move quick, in case baby moved again.  Dr. put an ‘X’ where they planned to insert the needle and just before they started baby moved her butt in the way.  I think that was the more nerve-wracking part - me worrying about baby.  I asked the tech what happens if baby moves while the needle is inserted and she said that babies don’t like it so they move away from it.  I had visions of my baby being poked in the butt by a needle & that didn’t sit well with me. My Dr. was determined and he pushed & prodded baby to move over.  That was pretty uncomfortable since baby’s butt was up in my ribs. Finally he was able to move her.  
They quickly made a new ‘X’ and almost without warning stuck the needle in.  It was difficult to see the monitor and I didn’t want to watch the needle (although I did see it before he started) so I closed my eyes the whole time. I felt the needle break the skin and it stung.  It wasn’t a short sting; it stung the entire time. I then could feel as the needle went through the layers and into the amniotic sac.  It was a strange and uncomfortable sensation. I remember taking deep breaths and trying to remain still. I was breathing through my nose and I think the tech thought I was holding my breath (I wasn’t) because she kept saying to breath. 
It lasted as long as it took to fill the vile with fluid.  Dr. showed me the sample and it was slightly cloudy with a few particles floating in it. Someone had told me once that if the fluid was cloudy that was a good sign and if it was crystal clear that meant the lungs might not be mature.  I’d say the fluid was somewhere in between.  I asked my Dr. if he thought one way or another based on what he saw and he wouldn’t say.  He didn’t want to get our hopes up just in case but he later told me (after delivery) that he had a feeling it was good fluid.
They put a band-aid on my belly and said they should have results by 2:00 pm and would call me when they were in. They hooked me up for a NST to ensure the amnio didn’t put baby into distress.  That lasted approx. 1/2 hour and baby looked good.
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Tim went back to work and I went home and waited with anticipation.  I was really tired so I tried to nap a little.  A few times my phone rang but it wasn’t the Dr. office. That only made my anxiety worse! Finally at 1:30 pm I received the call.  The nurse said baby’s lungs were mature and that I should head to the hospital for admittance at 6:00 pm!  
I quickly called Tim to let him know then family & work. I had my bags packed for a month but there were a few last minute items to toss in so I finished up that and waited for Tim to come home so we could eat dinner and go!

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