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Sunday, January 15, 2012

36 Weeks

Last Tuesday was my 36 week ultrasound appointment. Great news is that she is still head down, facing my back, just like she needs to be for delivery! She is now measuring right on track for 36 weeks and according to their measurements she is weighing in at 6 lb 12 oz!! (this can be off by 20% in either direction though)

Because of how she is facing it was difficult to get a good face photo but we did get a couple half-decent ones. I asked about the cord and whether they could tell if it was near or around her neck and it didn't appear to be.  There is some cord in front of her face but not near the base of her neck. That relieved me a little. The tech said she had great amniotic pockets that should make the amnio a little easier.  The cool part of the ultrasound was when she opened her eyes!! No picture of that but it was fun to see.

It sure is hard to breathe these days- especially lying down for the ultrasound. We were almost done then the tech accidentally hit a button and cleared out the recorded measurements so she had to start over.  On the bright side, we had more time to watch baby girl on the monitor.

My Dr. did his first check of my cervix and much to my disappointment- not even a little bit dilated or effaced. Boo.  I thought for sure there would be some change going on, especially based on how I'm feeling these days!! It seriously feels like someone kicked me between the legs.  Baby's head is putting lots of pressure down there but apparently not enough to make any progress (yet).

I'm starting to get more anxious about labor & delivery and all the "what-if's" and unknowns/uncertainties. The nurse scheduled my induction so if baby's lungs are mature after the amnio on 1/19, they will admit me to the hospital at 6:00 pm, give me Cervidil (to ripen cervix), then pitocin Friday morning.

I'm nervous about the Cervidil but originally my Dr. said we'd use Cytotec which seems more scary based on what I've read online.  Then again, there are risks with everything.  He said he uses both so he was fine with using Cervidil.  Out of the two, I prefer to use that one because it can be removed if needed (compared to Cytotec which is a pill).

Then there's the chance of a failed induction (if my body isn't ready and doesn't respond to labor). If that happens, my induction may be rescheduled a few days later. The thought of that really stinks but I agree with my Dr. on it because wearing out my body/uterus would not be good postpartum (risk of hemorrhage, etc.).

I'm hoping since this is my 2nd full term pregnancy and labor that my body will quickly "remember" what to do and take well to the induction.

Before we lost Sofia I was very much against inductions.  I felt (and still do feel) that the best time for baby is on baby's terms - when they are ready, they will come.  It's tough because I still feel that way yet I also feel that I'd rather not risk losing another baby at 40 weeks for unknown reasons.  It's hard when your own feelings are contradictory. I just want her to get here safely and ALIVE.

I had a NST (non-stress test) again on Friday and baby still looks great and met her required minimum of 3 fetal heart rate accelerations in the first 20 minutes. (Which just means she adjusts well to movement, blood flow, etc.). At one point I had a contraction (not painful) and it was off the chart.  C'mon, contractions, let's get regular & get this baby out!!! I'd love for it to start naturally (preferably before the amnio!).

Here are the two latest ultrasound photos:

2D- This is of her face.  It's hard to see, but she is sideways (forehead to the right).  The large white area is her cheek & her eye is just above that.  Only half her face is visible.
From Our Rainbow

3D- Smooshed face photo. I think her nose was squished up because it looks different in this picture compared to previous ones.
From Our Rainbow

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