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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 month Pediatrician Visit

Rose had her two month visit to the pediatrician at 9 weeks and I didn't think it would be a big deal but I cried when she got the shots. The poor little girl was so happy & playful before the nurse came in so that made me feel worse. Here she was, on the exam table, smiling, cooing, scooting across to get to the Doctor's instruments, and then BAM! Two shots to the left leg, one on the right and a cold liquid 'shot'. She was NOT happy. The tears were flowing on her face & mine as I tried to calm her down. It's horrible!! She barely gets over the first shot then the next one jabs her tiny chicken legs. I could tell it was quite a shock to her each time.  She was worn out after they were done so I gave her a bottle and she fell asleep on my shoulder. She was pretty tired the rest of the day.  She seemed to be a little on edge too- almost untrusting, afraid more shots were coming. I had to try & reassure her she was done with that for the day and that it wasn't me who administered the shots. :(

She's doing great developmentally. Her weight is in the lower percentile but the pediatrician assured me that was just fine because she was smaller when she was born (compared to other babies her age). Poor girl does have a big/normal sized head for the rest of her body (which isn't a concern by Dr in any way). It just makes it harder to get some small clothes over her head- something she absolutely hates!

Length: 22.5 (53.78 percentile)
Weight: 10.06 (10.1 was what we were told, but chart has 10.06- 26.94 percentile)
Head circumference: 15.9 (84.19 percentile)

Here she is at home before heading to the Dr. She's stylin' in her shades, shoes & jean skirt (that finally fit her)!
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Happy on the exam table, before shots:
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She saw the instruments and was determined to scoot across the table to see them:
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After the shots. :( She normally won't take a pacifier but that day she did. Poor girl!
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Two shots in the left leg:
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One shot in the right leg:
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After a bottle. She sure looks huge in this pic:
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  1. Adorable!! I hated the baby shots too. So hard when they don't understand.

    Sloane has a huuuuuuge head... So big that at her 9 month check up, they had us schedule and ultrasound of her head to make sure nothing was wrong. She was fine--just really smart!! ;) Looks like Kellan will have the same issue... His head is measuring almost a month ahead right now!