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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012 ~ Rose Comes Home

It was Sunday morning and we were ready to leave the hospital and get back to our house. Tim & I got ready early in the morning and he made a few trips out to the car so there’d be less to load up when we officially were discharged. 
One of the nurses we’ve stayed in touch with, Mary, was working that day and she stopped in our room.  I was feeding Rose at the time and we talked for a bit. She had a photo of some huge yellow roses she had received from her husband not long after we lost Sofia.  She made a copy of that photo and wrote all of Rose’s birth stats on the back. She said they were the most beautiful roses she’d ever seen.  It was nice of her to think of us, Sofia, and Rose. 
We had to wait for both the pediatrician and the on call Dr. for me to give their OK for us to leave. We had to take the few ‘tests’ from watching the videos about SIDS, etc. and I had paperwork to fill out for Rose and for being discharged. It was a long wait for the doctors but finally, after 12:00 pm we were free to go!
Rose’s “going home” outfit was supposed to be this cute pale pink bunting from my mom but it turned out to be way too big and didn’t work well with the car seat. It sure was funny to see her in it though. :) Reminded us of the little brother in “A Christmas Story”. 

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The weather has been unseasonably warm for Nebraska so it wasn’t freezing cold which was nice. We loaded up the cart and headed down to the lobby. Rose & I waited with the nurse while Tim pulled the car up.  It wasn’t long before we were in the car and leaving the hospital! I sat in the back seat with Rose and on the way home talked to her about crazy drivers and how she would have to watch out for them some day.

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Rose's first elevator ride!
From Our Rainbow

Getting in the car that day brought back memories of being discharged the last time - withOUT Sofia. That time was a bright, warm, sunny October day and I always have remembered it, thinking it would have been a great day to bring home a baby. 
It’s sad that all of the magical “firsts” with Rose will somehow be tainted by the grief we still have for her big sister. 
Nevertheless, we were beyond happy to be driving to our house - this time, WITH our baby.
When we pulled up in the driveway there was a “It’s a girl!” sign and balloon stuck in the rose bush by the front porch along with a sign on the front door.  My mom put it there for us to see when we got home. 
It was funny how normal it felt to bring her into the house.  We took her out of her car seat, put her in the Pack ‘N Play bassinet and released the dogs so they could become acquainted. As expected, Moose ran around like a nut, trying to take the blankets and anything he could find. Maggie was more timid and slowly stretched her neck out to sniff the bassinet and figure out where those new, unfamiliar sounds were coming from. 

From Our Rainbow

The rest of the day was spent changing, feeding and sleeping. We had fun watching all the funny faces Rose had and Tim cooked up beef stew for dinner. We were home and it felt like we had been doing this for years. 

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